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The United States of America was created on three simple rights that all citizens, regardless of beliefs, gender, race and orientation: the right to life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. While it has taken many years to reach the ultimate liberty the U.S. Constitution promises, Americans have made massive strides towards this equality for. However, the political climate of the U.S. in this moment is disturbing. The left and right of the political spectrum are pushing each other further and further from compromise, leading to an ineffective government and bitter citizenry. 

We believe that there needs to be a fight for the American spirit, one that isn't just a vision of the corrupted political parties that are currently in control of the narrative. We argue that compromise and liberty are the keys to a true American Democratic Republic as outlined by the Constitution, but with an understanding that modern times need also modern considerations. We are not Conservative nor are we Liberal, we are American.

To win this fight, we will start with the basics, simply explained, to help those who want a brighter future rise above the noise of the biased media of both sides. Then we offer the solution to this fight by teaching those that the United States was born of compromise and liberty. Finally, with enough support, we will work with you to create real life compromised solutions to our most complex issues while being concerned with the middle, right, and left.

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